Product Description

systemONE family of Imaging Spectrometers includes Multispectral and Hyperspectral systems specifically designed to be mounted and integrated on Aircraft, Helicopters and UAV platforms.
With a spectral sensitivity from 380nm to 2500nm and a dedicate 7-14 microns (3-5 microns) Thermal channel, systemONE Imaging Spectrometers generate real-time georeferenced High-Resolution image data that can be directly transmitted to the mission control room for reconnaissance and detection activities in Law Enforcement, Precision Agriculture, Critical Infrastructure and Oil-Gas monitoring markets. Thanks to its custom designed Gimbal, systemONE-M12T it is capable to perform Hyperspectral data acquisition event on Vertical structures like Bridges, Dams and Cultural Heritage structures.

Technical Specifications:

Note: the specifications doesn't are binding and may change without notice.

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systemONE M12T

systemONE M4T

systemONE M32-14