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Product Description

DCS is a configurable dual camera high performance THERMAL – VISIBLE sensor designed for an easy integration in Electro Optics systems.
Based on a multicore architecture and an integrated IMU, DCS is perfect for the implementation of dual band AI based applications like object detection, pointing and tracking.
Both Thermal and Visible sensors can be customized for specific user needs.
Synchronous acquisitions with external devices are guarantee by HW trigger channels.

Prodotto DCS

Features & Technologies


Integrated IMU

Inertial Unit, GPS, Barometer and Magnetometer for precision position and attitude


Artificial Intelligence libraries for specific applications

On Board Processing

Multicore on board GPU for real time needs


Data Recording

Recording of image ad ancillary data on Solid State memory



Dual Sensor

High Performance Thermal and Visible Sensors

Image Fusion

Thermal and Visible image fusion

Ottiche Custom

Optics can be customized for both channels

Remote Control

Fully controlled by remote links


Brochure DCS


Brochure DCS